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Criminal Defense
Internship with Williamson County Public Defender's Office. This experience provided valuable insight into criminal defense work. John Mooneyham is here to help you if you are in trouble. I realize I work for my clients, I do not work for the District Attorney nor the Police.

Employment Law
15 years of management experience, experience defending EEOC claims. Investigated many sexual harassment claims, theft investigations, worker's compensation claims and conducted thorough pre-employment investigations. Have developed relationships with private investigators to aid in corporate investigations and have led the investigative process focusing on both fact finding and legal consequences of said facts. We can help our corporate clients with issues big and small.

Business Formations
Experience in LLC formations from drafting Articles of Incorporation to developing Operating Agreements and exit planning.

Contract Drafting and Review
Experience drafting service agreements, vendor agreements, and a wide variety of contracts for use by businesses and individuals. Also experience drafting Request for Proposals.

General Business Counseling
Investigative review and advisory services available including security reviews and human resources policy implementation all protected by the attorney/ client priviledge.

Family Law
Wills, Living Wills, Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions and Durable Power of Attorney, Petitions for Conservatorship, Divorce, Child Custody issues, Child Support Issues, and Probate.  We offer complete attention to your needs as we purposely keep a low case load so we can do the necessary research and work to ensure you get the proper outcome. We will always be available to our clients. We are willing to come to you to meet with you in your home and we do not disappear on weekends or evenings. We understand you work during the day. 

Personal Injury
Previous experience with succesful outcome. Do not allow someone or some corporation to dismiss your claim as not being important. We will aggressively seek to ensure you are compensated for your loss, your pain and suffering and any additional hardship you may have encountered as the result of someone else's wrong doing. Experience investigating wrongful death and preparing suit, specifically related to police misconduct. 

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