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John Mooneyham is a lifelong resident of Middle Tennessee. Originally from the Tusculum area of south Nashville, John moved to the town of Nolensville in 1986. John graduated from Page High School in 1991. John studied Criminal Justice at Middle Tennessee State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1995. Although his intention was to go to law school after college, instead he began a career in security management with a top security firm. John had begun working as a security officer prior to graduating. Upon graduation, he was offered a position in management. John's career progressed with the national firm from an Account Manager, to Manager, to a Manager of Business Development. John was responsible for security contracts for multiple companies throughout Tennessee while managing a force of over three hundred employees. John left the security management field in July 2004 and subsequently enrolled in law school.  One of the many highlights of John's career was participating in security reviews of NFL stadiums and other corporate accounts post September 11, 2001. John has extensive experience investigating issues for clients ranging from harassment, discrimination, and various employment issues where the goal was to determine the facts and advise accordingly.

During his transition from security management, John began selling cars in January 2005. John enrolled in the Nashville School of Law later in 2005 and sold cars throughout law school. As a business owner, John gained invaluable experience in implementing purchasing decisions, evaluating vendor agreements, and handling business disputes. John graduated from the Nashville School of Law with a Doctor of Jurisprudence in May 2009. John sat for the bar exam in July 2009 and was pleased to learn he had passed when the results were posted in October of that year. Prior to learning he had passed the bar exam, John accepted a position as District Manager for a janitorial service company. John was hired to open an office within a new territory for the company. Under his leadership, the Nashville office grew from zero revenue and one employee at its inception to one million dollars in annual revenues and over thirty employees when he left in August of 2013.

After fourteen years of service industry management, John Mooneyham formed Mooneyham Law, PLLC. During his business career, John served small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. While working hard to provide excellent service to his customers, he never forgot the importance of the people in the arena actually doing the work. The constant grind between labor and management, and the constant pull between customer and service provider, has prepared John for his next challenge: BUILD A LAW PRACTICE THAT OFFERS UNPARRALLED SERVICE, SEEKS JUSTICE, AND TIRELESSLY ADVOCATES ON BEHALF OF ITS CLIENTS.

During the past five years of practicing law, John has helped clients achieve positive outcomes in child custody disputes and asset distribution in complex divorces as part of his family law services. John has had several cases involving alimony, both obtaining and defending against. John has also been able to help clients in a wide variety of ways; win lawsuits on behalf of a businesses and consumers; obtain temporary restraining orders; investigate issues for clients and businesses, and prepare suits for personal injury claims and employment disputes. John has also provided reasonably priced probate services to help families navigate the probate process in an affordable manner. There are a wide range of areas where Mooneyham Law can help! Call today, 615-594-3032 or inquire at

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